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Lancaster County Tree Removal

Martin Tree Service is your common sense, Lancaster County approach to tree trimming or removal needs. Our crane and 75 foot aerial boom trucks help maintain our safety culture, as well as provide added efficiency. After 21 years, we've grown to perhaps the largest tree service in Lancaster County. We enjoy referrals as well as helping smaller tree services in complex jobs.

Our six chippers can winch in and chip 13-20" diameter wood with 140-325 horsepower. We do have a large tow-behind stump grinder and several skid loaders. Additionally, our crane is able to remove many trees that have difficult access, as it can reach in and lift out trees.
What sets MTS apart from other tree services?
Our employees work together like clockwork, and our new, large equipment enables our great employees to be very efficient.
Jobs we seek:
Crane removals, all removals, large jobs, land clearing (under 3 acres), good access, clearly marked trees, commercial jobs, and complex jobs other tree companies may not be able to perform.
Jobs we tend to pass on:
Smaller city jobs, landscape maintenance, small access jobs, trimming trees that are already partially dead (non-practical jobs), jobs that would take a crew less than an hour to complete, and jobs that are out of state.
We appreciate common sense, reasonable, and repeat customers.

Priority is given to storm damage, insurance work, and jobs quoted over $900.

We price our jobs by how many personnel are needed, the equipment needs, what access is like, and the cost of MTS to get there. Once we have a crew and equipment there, additional trees can seem very reasonable.

We carry general liability and workers compensation insurance.

We can't always do your job the next day, but we understand and work with short deadlines you may have.
Our woodchip pile is located at 950 East Earl Rd, New Holland. You may self load for $20/load, or give a donation for smaller amounts.

We can load woodchips with our JCB. Please call the office for pricing and times to pick them up.

If you are getting tree work done by our company and would like woodchips, please mention it to our office or the job crew. We will be happy to leave you woodchips and avoid hauling them back to the warehouse.

How to get lower pricing:
Following are ways you can get reduced pricing if you request them.
  • If we don't chip or remove brush but simply take down your tree.
  • If we don't rake your yard.
  • If we can leave wood that we don't want (often, this means all the wood).
  • If we can wait until winter to do your job.
  • If you allow us to just fit your job in our schedule when we are in your area.
  • If you don't mind getting ruts in your yard (using mats for our trucks takes a lot of extra time when we need to prevent making ruts).